Sock-cess ;-)

Full disclosure: I just spent over $60 on backup socks for soccer uniforms. It’s cute how each uniform comes with one pair, isn’t it? So optimistic. 
So…here’s the thing…Practice socks get worn to practice along with the practice uniform. Practice happens 2-3x a week, depending on the kid. On different days, for the most part, because that’s how we roll. That means laundry every day in order to get those socks clean. Dark loads, specifically. Do I look like Martha Stewart? No. No I do not. 

And even if I managed that daily domestic feat…will they get them into the laundry? Lose them in the back of the car? Hide them from one another in fits of rage? The possibilities are endless. And none of them end with 2 clean socks.
Backup socks…$60. Not screaming about the flippin’ socks when we’re already running late…PRICELESS.

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