We’re (Not) On A Roll….


This little gem? It’s one of a series of Toilet Paper Roll Art that I’ve been creating in my upstairs kid-bathroom-turned-studio. (You didn’t know that was a thing did you? Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty sure I’ve created a new genre.)

I’m not sure why the kids can’t master the changing of the roll. At first I thought there was a lack of understanding around the mechanics of the toilet paper holder. That thing is spring-loaded, after all…that could be scary. So I called them all in and did a demonstration. I explained that it can’t hurt them and is not coated in acid. They assured me that they understood. They may have understood, but they seem to be having trouble translating that knowledge into action…

I would think that maybe it was just laziness, but there’s a roll in the drawer that they’ve all been using and – at this point – it’s been a few days and that’s half-gone. Seems to me there’s a lot more effort involved in opening the drawer, using the toilet paper and putting it back every time than there would be to just changing the roll, but what do I know?

Last week, when the first of series was created, my 9 year old piped up with “Hey mom – isn’t it more work for you to write messages on it than it would be to just change the roll for us?”. Sure is kid. But this is more fun.

The thing is…odds are that someday, the three of you will have spouses. Or at least roommates. (Just, please…no cellmates.) And I feel like I should send you into that relationship with – at the very least – a working knowledge of how to change the toilet paper roll. I’ve come to terms with the fact that you will always and forever put the empty containers back in the fridge…I’ve given up. But the toilet paper roll? I have faith that, with my constant nagging over the next 4-9 years, you can master this.

Future roommates/spouses: This is my gift to you. You’re welcome.


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