The Word of the Day: Fiery


You know that thing where you take someone’s head off? Like…clean off their shoulders? And you feel completely justified about it too…in that smug defender-of-the-universe and righter-of-wrongs way that feels so deeply satisfying? And then….well…it turns out that maybe you misunderstood just a teensy little bit…and you have to apologize?

Yeah…me too.

I did it twice the other day. Both times I apologized…because you can’t just go around biting people’s heads off all day long without saying sorry after. And also I was sorry after. So I said so.

And this morning, I saw one of my victims (head taped on) and I apologized again. And he said, “Oh, don’t even worry about it. And don’t ever apologize for being fiery. I think it’s one of your best traits!!”


Ummm…what?? But mostly….

Thank you. I needed that. Because as much as I don’t mind (at all) the times when I’ve been fiery and been right…? It’s pretty awful when I’m wrong. Because I do try to be mostly sunshine…I really do try…but sometimes a little hurricane slips out.

And ladies…? The new word is “fiery“. Sounds so much better than the old one ever did… πŸ˜‰





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