Big Girl Pants

Right now, it is 6:23 PM and I already had to put my big girl pants on a couple of times today. And I don’t love my big girl pants. They kind of pinch. I much prefer jeans…or yoga pants. (Ok…sweats. 😉) I also hate confrontation and would rather re-locate and assume a new identity than have to have a tough conversation. The thing is, the older I get the more I realize…people are worth it. Not all the people…I do realize there are some *ssholes out there who are not worth the time. But not in my life. All of my people are worth it. I am ridiculously blessed in that way.

The day started off pretty well. And then the phone rang. Kind of like starter pistol at a began. Today was full of big things. Big mistakes, big misunderstandings (probably just medium, with the benefit of hindsight) and big opportunities. But it all started off with a ring.

The tough conversation coming in this morning? I couldn’t stop that one. But the couple I initiated? Could’ve skipped them. And I really, really wanted to. I didn’t…Because being uncomfortable kind of sucks, but being misunderstood or leaving people thinking that you don’t care? That’s worse. But here’s the thing…every single time today that someone COULD’VE been a jerk today…? They could’ve been mad or rude or unkind? They weren’t. Not once. On the contrary, from the couple of tough phone calls all through the rest of my day, people have been so kind and so thoughtful. So much love. To be honest, I’m kind of blown away.

The day started with a lousy phone call and ended with a really good one. In between were some awkward moments and a reminder that people are relentlessly kind. At their core. It was a phenomenally good day. Even with the bad stuff.

And then there was wine, and there was sushi (which I’m a complete wimp about, but is still fun)…a deep breath (maybe a few)…and all was right with the world.



If I were presumptuous enough to give advice, I would. With a little luck, it would be something wise and pithy about facing up to things when it matters…or some such thing. But..I’m not. At least not today. Because my big girl pants still don’t fit quite right…but maybe someday, they will. Fingers crossed.😉

Be well. ❤️



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