I Have No Idea What They Ate Today (A Slacker Mom’s Guide to Summer)

I have no idea what they ate today.

EXCEPT for the 10 year old and his friend. They had giant waffle cones with about 5 scoops of ice cream in them for lunch. I know because I stopped at the ice cream stand with them on their way home from school. And then I shooed them outside with their cones as soon as we got home. It’s almost 6 hours later and they’re still here somewhere… I think.

As for the girls? They’ve been done with school for a while. I did say something about breakfast on my way to walk the dog this morning. I’m not entirely sure what they did with that input, but we do have a lot fewer cookies than we did when I left…so I’m thinking they nailed it.

One of them just made chocolate mousse “for dinner” and the other one is miniature golfing with friends (that’s “put put”…depending on where you’re from ;-)) I handed her a twenty on her way out the door. I’m sure she’s making sound nutritional choices at the snack shack.

I’m feeling similarly ambivalent about their hygiene choices. I took the girls to the beach yesterday. They swam. I’m pretty sure that’s a check in the box for this week – at least as far as I’m concerned. They’re teenage girls, so I’m sure they have higher standards…but me? I’m calling “salty clean” a win for all kids near and far. Close enough.

Listen Mamas….(and Dads, if you’re the point person for this gig) it’s been a loooong year. It’s been a good year, but it’s been long. We are weary. Very shortly, we will need to get these cherubs on a schedule…whether it’s for camp, back to school or just to preserve our own sanity. While we can, let’s all slack together. Ice cream for breakfast? YES. “Lake clean”? That’s a thing…we’re going to wash those sheets eventually anyway. Grimy faces at the dinner table? COME ON IN.

Later, we’ll go back to veggies and showers and rules…but for now? Help yourself to the gatorade in the garage…I was Team Snack Mom for yesterday’s baseball game…but I forgot.



2 thoughts on “I Have No Idea What They Ate Today (A Slacker Mom’s Guide to Summer)

  1. Happy summer!! I remember keeping a food log for a research project as a fourteen year old. I recall recording many scoops of ice cream and chips in that thing.


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