My RBF Afflication

For what it’s worth, I had no idea.

But my kids filled me in.

Apparently, I have RBF.

The worst part was way the news was delivered. It was completely matter of fact. No one’s even mad at me. Well….I’m pretty sure no one’s mad at me. You can usually tell with teenagers. So it wasn’t even an on-purpose jab….they were just all sitting at the counter eating, and it rolled out…

Oh yeah…I TOTALLY have RBF. It’s not my fault though…I inherited it from Mom.

And the other 2 just nodded…in solidarity. As in, yeah…that’s fair.  I mean…you got her eye color and nose, too…stands to reason you’d inherit the RBF.

So I asked what in the world they were talking about. And they were shocked. That I wasn’t already aware, I mean.

Mom? Seriously? You didn’t know? I mean…it’s not a BAD thing.

Ummm…kids? It’s not a good thing either, amiright? I mean, given the choice, I would think we’d all choose RHF (Resting Happy Face) or RJF (Resting Joyful Face) or even RRF (Resting Relaxed Face). RBF? It’s apparently a burden I’ve been bearing for 43 years now and I HAD NO IDEA! How would I know? It’s not like I’m spending hours staring into the mirror wondering what I look like relaxed. I see myself when I wash my face and catch glimpses in the rearview mirror from time to time. I always look pretty content when I see me….I had no idea what I was putting out there for the rest of you to see!

So, gentle reader, please be aware. If ever I seem less-than-joyful when we meet, please be assured…I AM happy to see you. But apparently, I’ve been afflicted with a genetic medical condition that makes it difficult for me to show it when relaxed.

It’s called RBF. And there is no cure.


Me too, kitty…me too… 🙂


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