The wind beneath my wings…

Dear Teachers,

I love you. I think you’re amazing. I have 3 children who are brighter, better people because of your knowledge, kindness, patience and professionalism.

BUT…when I’m staring down 8 pages of supply lists with items like:”Wilson jones heavy duty round ring view binder with extra durable hinge, 2 inch, customizable, red”….I die a little inside. That is pretty darn specific. (And not available at Target or Staples, BTW.) I’m going to need some flexibility to get to end of job on this one…

And to those of you who send home lists like: “5 folders, loose leaf paper, #2 pencils, tissues”…bless you. Don’t tell the others, but I ❤️ you a little extra.

Teachers, no matter which kind of list you make, you are the wind beneath our collective wings…thank you!

Happy back to school!


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